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Tool for learning typing in Chinese

Another COVID project, I wanted something I could do with some spare time that had no end in sight. The eventual goal of learning to read and write Chinese ended up fulfilling these needs. I found the HSK exam which is a standardized test for Chinese Proficiency. Using frequency lists of HSK words from level 1, I built a Discord bot to start learning how to type the words. Since I was not focussing on how to pronounce words, I decided to go with the Wubi input method for typing characters which uses the shapes of the characters to type them. Once the Discord bot grew to be too restrained by the platform, I decided to spin it off into a webpage. I expanded the lists of words available to cover all 6 levels of the HSK test at the time (a new standard is in the process of coming out now). The user’s progress is tracked and quizzed on words they have trouble with, while adding new words after getting a previous new word correct.